Hi. it's me again.

Fun facts about me:

- I JUST GOT ENGAGED TOO & guess what... we're eloping (woot woot)

- I am a mother to my favorite little boy in the whole world

- First memory of photographing was at 6 years old, on a disposable camera of unsuspecting randoms

- 2nd oldest of 10, one of two adopted (one tan gal in a sea of blonde hair & blue eyes)

- I was once hit by a car when I lived in Hawaii, oh yeah, I lived in Hawaii

- I am a proud fur mommy of a 75lb pit and a 3.5lb yorkie

- I am the pickiest eater you will ever meet, like I eat like a toddler

- I'm obsessed with true crime

- I watch pretty strange stuff on Youtube, pimple popping and all

- I have more useless knowledge than anyone you'll ever meet, try me

professional papparazzi

let's freakin do it... you guys + me

I am a lover of natural golden light and raw genuine emotion. Whether you need me to just capture a chapter in your life together, an intimate elopement, or a grand wedding; I am YOUR GAL. Let me capture your honest, authentic, unscripted love story.
Let's adventure far or near, together; dance a little, laugh a lot, and capture that beautiful love.